Kuenzel published in Canadian Journal of Economics

David Kuenzel and Theo Eicher (University of Washington) published  “European Influence and Economic Development” in the May issue of the Canadian Journal of Economics. In the paper, Kuenzel and Eicher investigate how constitutional changes affect countries’ economic development. While there is a large literature that emphasizes the importance of European influence for long-run economic growth, this … Read more

Khamis and Li publish on climate and migration

Professor Melanie Khamis and alumna Xiyue Li ’16 have just published “Environment Matters: New Evidence From Mexican Migration” in Applied Economics Letters. ABSTRACT: This article examines the effects of climate-related environmental disasters on migration. Results from the gravity model estimations show that these disasters are a significant determinant of internal Mexican migration. The findings remain robust … Read more

Boulware published in AEA Papers and Proceedings

Karl Boulware and Ken Kuttner published “Labor market conditions and charges of discrimination: Is there a link?” in the May AEA Papers and Proceedings. https://pubs.aeaweb.org/doi/pdfplus/10.1257/pandp.20191086 ABSTRACT: This paper’s goal is to determine whether the degree of labor market tightness affects the frequency of discrimination charges. State-level panel data on enforcement and litigation actions from the … Read more

Economics honors thesis poster session

The Economics Department hosted a wonderful poster session on May 9 showcasing our honors thesis students.   Top left: Maya Harlan, “Biopsychosocial Factors and Context Effects on Gendered Differences in Risk Tolerance,” advised by Damien Sheehan-Connor Top right: Giovanni Hutchinson, “The Labor Market Trifecta: Race, Gender, and Personality,” advised  by Joyce Jacobsen Bottom left: Will … Read more

Economics Department prizes, 2019-20

The Economics Department is proud to announce the recipients of prizes for the 2018-19 academic year. Wilde Prize: In honor of Mr. Frazar B. Wilde, Chairman Emeritus of the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (died 1985), who throughout his professional career was keenly interested in not only the highest standards of responsible professionalism in business, but … Read more