Skillman published in Review of Political Economy

Gil Skillman’s article “Marx, Sraffa, and Surplus: Observations Prompted by Garegnani (2018),” was recently published in the Review of Political Economy.   ABSTRACT In a posthumously published article, Pierangelo Garegnani (2018. ‘On the Labour Theory of Value in Marx and in the Marxist Tradition.’) depicts Marx’s project in Capital as that of ‘developing systematically the theory of Ricardo … Read more

Kuenzel published in European Economic Review

Professor David Kuenzel is the author of a new paper published in the January issue of the European Economic Review titled WTO Tariff Commitments and Temporary Protection: Complements or Substitutes? In the paper, Kuenzel investigates the link between traditional tariff instruments and temporary protection measures (antidumping, safeguard and countervailing duties). There is a long-held notion … Read more

Wesleyan Investment Group Takes 1st Place in Adirondack Cup

The student-run Wesleyan Investment Group (WIG) finished first in a six-month-long collegiate investment contest that concluded April 9.  The club is advised by Professor Abigail Hornstein, captained by Alessandro Lorenzoni ’20 and Julian Ross ’21, and includes team members Henry Carter ’22, Matt Chase ’21, Liam Downey ’22, Nicholas Keating ’22, Wei Li ’21, Andrew … Read more

Raynor Published in Journal of Great Lakes Research

Jennifer Raynor just published (with D.J. Phaneuf)  “Can native species compete with valuable exotics? Valuing ecological changes in the Lake Michigan recreational fishery” in Journal of Great Lakes Research, 2020. Abstract: The Chinook salmon population in Lake Michigan is declining precipitously due to ecological changes, and the impact on recreational fishing value is unknown. … Read more