Melanie Khamis mentors at CeMENT workshop

Melanie Khamis served as a senior mentor at the CeMENT Mentoring Workshop for Faculty in Non-Doctoral Programs January 5-6, 2020, San Diego, CA The CeMENT mentoring workshops are funded by the American Economic Association to help female junior economists overcome the tenure hurdle.  At the mentoring workshops, participants are arranged into small groups based on their … Read more

Khamis gives talk in New Haven and Uppsala

Melanie Khamis gave a talk entitled “Migration and the Labor Market: New Evidence from Mexico,” at the Macmillan Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies at Yale University on September 27.  She also gave a talk entitled “Personality, Gender, and the Labor Market” (joint work with  David Condon, Giovanni Hutchinson ‘19, Joyce Jacobsen, Laurence Levin, and … Read more

Khamis and Li publish on climate and migration

Professor Melanie Khamis and alumna Xiyue Li ’16 have just published “Environment Matters: New Evidence From Mexican Migration” in Applied Economics Letters. ABSTRACT: This article examines the effects of climate-related environmental disasters on migration. Results from the gravity model estimations show that these disasters are a significant determinant of internal Mexican migration. The findings remain robust … Read more

Khamis presents paper

Melanie Khamis presented her paper “Reversed Migration Trends and Local Labor Markets” (joint work with Emily Conover (Hamilton College)  and Sarah Pearlman (Vassar College)) twice this past month: (1) Kiessling Presentation, Economic Studies Division at The Brookings Institution (2) North East Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) at Cornell University