Kuenzel published in European Economic Review

Professor David Kuenzel is the author of a new paper published in the January issue of the European Economic Review titled WTO Tariff Commitments and Temporary Protection: Complements or Substitutes? In the paper, Kuenzel investigates the link between traditional tariff instruments and temporary protection measures (antidumping, safeguard and countervailing duties). There is a long-held notion … Read more

Kuenzel published in Review of International Economics

David Kuenzel published a paper in the August issue of the Review of International Economics entitled “Do trade flows respond to nudges? Evidence from the WTO’s Trade Policy Review Mechanism.” In the paper, Kuenzel examines whether interactions between WTO members through the Trade Policy Review Mechanism, the WTO’s prime transparency institution, lead to subsequent changes … Read more

David Kuenzel published in International Journal of Forecasting

David Kuenzel, along with Theo S.Eicher (University of Washington), ChrisPapageorgiou (International Monetary Fund), and Charis Christofides (International Monetary Fund), authored a new paper published in the International Journal of Forecasting entitled “Forecasts in Times of Crises.” In the paper, Kuenzel and his coauthors examine the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) forecast accuracy of 29 key macroeconomic … Read more

Kuenzel published in Canadian Journal of Economics

David Kuenzel and Theo Eicher (University of Washington) published  “European Influence and Economic Development” in the May issue of the Canadian Journal of Economics. In the paper, Kuenzel and Eicher investigate how constitutional changes affect countries’ economic development. While there is a large literature that emphasizes the importance of European influence for long-run economic growth, this … Read more

Kuenzel wins Carol Baker ’81 Memorial Prize

David Kuenzel and Joslyn Barnhardt Trager, from the Government Department, have been awarded Wesleyan’s Carol A. Baker ’81 Memorial prize. The Carol Baker ’81 Memorial Prize was established in the Public Affairs Center in 1987 for the development and recognition of the accomplishments of junior faculty.  It is awarded annually by the Dean of the … Read more