Economics Department prizes, 2019-20

The Economics Department is proud to announce the recipients of prizes for the 2018-19 academic year.

Wilde PrizeIn honor of Mr. Frazar B. Wilde, Chairman Emeritus of the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (died 1985), who throughout his professional career was keenly interested in not only the highest standards of responsible professionalism in business, but also in excellence in higher education.  To be awarded yearly to a junior or senior for excellence in economics.  Established in 1963 by Mr. Wilde.

 Chad Tyler Malinowski, 2019

 White PrizeHorace White, Jr., Wesleyan ’33, was an able and very promising economist who was lost in the North Atlantic during World War II.  His father, Horace White, Wesleyan ’09, endowed the Horace White Fellowships and Prizes, which are awarded each year to the students who excel in economics for advanced undergraduate study in economics.  Established in 1942 and increased in 1943 by friends in his memory.

 Erin Marina Angell, 2019; Even Anthony Hull, 2019; Kelly Marie Jamrog, 2019; Will Hise Baldassare Levinson, 2019; Chad Tyler Malinowski, 2019; Shane Alexander Ross, 2019; Yuhan Wang, 2019; Michael Keresztes Yablong, 2019; Avi Lipton, 2020.

Plukas Thesis PrizeJohn Plukas, Wesleyan ‘66, was an economics major and a recipient of a White Fellowship, and was President of Wainwright Capital at the time he set up his gift.  Established in 1986 by John Plukas.  Awarded for the first time in 1987.  This prize is given to graduating economics seniors.  It is to be applied toward summer expenses, during which period the student will work under the supervision of a faculty advisor to convert an Honor’s Essay or Term Research Paper into a publishable article.  The expectation is that the article, ordinarily coauthored with the faculty member, will be submitted to an academic journal for publication and will note that support has been provided by the Plukas Prize Fund at Wesleyan.  

Giovanni Hutchinson 2019 and Will Levinson 2019

Lovell-Lebergott Prize: Named in honor of the late Stanley Lebergott and Michael C. Lovell, who were both Chester D. Hubbard Professor of Economics and Social Science, this prize is awarded to the best non-thesis empirical research paper completed during the academic year.  It is typically not awarded until after the semester is over.


Plukas Teaching Apprentice Award  Established in 1986 by John Plukas.  Awarded for the first time in 1987.  Awarded to course assistance and teaching apprentices deemed by their faculty supervisors to have provided excellent service.

Erin Marina Angell, 2019; Samuel Anschell, 2019; Jacob P Barabas, 2021; Jax Fox Baum, 2021; Caroline Emma Bhupathi, 2020; Yujie Cai, 2020; Aaron Cheung, 2019; Aaron Joseph Cranston, 2020; Abigail Lincoln Daly-Smith, 2019; May Do, 2020; Remin Sloan French, 2020; Maya Mattern Veral Harlan, 2019; Julianna Harwood, 2019; Greta Hu, 2020; Muhammad Aman Ibadullah, 2021; Harrison Adam Karp, 2021; Will Joseph Kearney, 2020; Gillian Sara Lubin, 2020; Chad Tyler Malinowski, 2019; Brandon Washington Morris, 2019; Kellen James O’Brien, 2021;    Brian Oh, 2019; Heather Ashley Pincus, 2019; Richard Price-Sanchez, 2020; Amy Ren, 2019; Peter Ryan, 2019; Liana Santos Samson, 2020; Sam Smith, 2020; Prekesha Streewastav, 2021; Fiona Sun, 2020; Shuangqi Sun, 2021; Maih Ah Tran, 2020; Ammie Yuanchen Wang, 2021; Helen Wang, 2021; Grant Isaac Westfahl, 2021; Elliott Michael Widorchi, 2020; Phllip Wong, 2021; Michael Keresztes Yablong, 2019; Erica H Yim, 2019; Yuki Yu, 2020; Qiyuan Zheng, 2020.

New inductees into the Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor Society:

Bryden Tierney Auer, Jacob P. Barabas, Rachel Chung, May Do, Nikki Gerjarusak, Nikhil Ranjan Ghosh, Julianna Harwood, Sofia Yi-Ya Headley, Muhammad Aman Ibadullah, Pauline Katherine Jaffe, Alessandro Taiga Lorenzoni, Luca Lorenzoni, Kenneth Michael Mckee-Proctor, Andrew Pitcher, Julian Bradford Ross. Madeleine Katherine Shea, Preksha Sreewastav, Marcus O’Bryan Sweeney,  Morgan Lindsey Usen, and Elizabeth Rossi Vann.