Khamis and Li publish on climate and migration

Professor Melanie Khamis and alumna Xiyue Li ’16 have just published “Environment Matters: New Evidence From Mexican Migration” in Applied Economics Letters. ABSTRACT: This article examines the effects of climate-related environmental disasters on migration. Results from the gravity model estimations show that these disasters are a significant determinant of internal Mexican migration. The findings remain robust … Read more

Boulware published in AEA Papers and Proceedings

Karl Boulware and Ken Kuttner published “Labor market conditions and charges of discrimination: Is there a link?” in the May AEA Papers and Proceedings. ABSTRACT: This paper’s goal is to determine whether the degree of labor market tightness affects the frequency of discrimination charges. State-level panel data on enforcement and litigation actions from the … Read more

Skillman published in Review of Social Economy

Gill Skillman has published “Redistribution and persistent exploitation in an accumulation economy with decreasing marginal impatience,” in the Review of Social Economy (  Abstract: A variant of John Roemer’s accumulation economy is studied in which agents have identical payoff functions characterized by decreasing marginal impatience (DMI), such that time discount rates are decreasing in individual wealth levels. … Read more

Yohe published op-ed on Green New Deal in Courant

Gary Yohe, Wesleyan’s Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, along with Richard Richels  and Henry D. Jacoby published an op-ed in the Hartford Courant on Sunday, March 3, entitled “Don’t let the ‘Green New Deal’ hijack the climate’s future.”  You can read it here.  He also participated in a panel discussion at the New York City offices of … Read more

Wesleyan at the ASSA meetings

In addition to interviewing a number of job candidates for our two job openings, Wesleyan faculty participated in a number of sessions and editorial meetings at this year’s Allied Social Sciences Association meetings in Atlanta. Here is a sampling (with links to the session programs and abstracts): Karl Boulware, along with co-author Ken Kuttner (Williams … Read more