Wesleyan at the ASSA meetings

In addition to interviewing a number of job candidates for our two job openings, Wesleyan faculty participated in a number of sessions and editorial meetings at this year’s Allied Social Sciences Association meetings in Atlanta.

Here is a sampling (with links to the session programs and abstracts):

Karl Boulware, along with co-author Ken Kuttner (Williams College), presented their paper “Labor Market Conditions and Charges of Discrimination: Is There a Link?” at a session entitled Labor Markets, Discrimination and the Academy hosted by the National Economic Association and American Society of Hispanic Economists.

David Kuenzel presented his paper “WTO Tariff Commitments and Temporary Protection: Complements or Substitutes?” at a session hosted by the American Economics Association entitled Topics in International Trade

Abigail Hornstein attended the executive board meeting of the Association of Comparative Economic Studies (ACES).