Skillman published in Review of Political Economy

Gil Skillman’s article “Marx, Sraffa, and Surplus: Observations Prompted by Garegnani (2018),” was recently published in the Review of Political Economy.   ABSTRACT In a posthumously published article, Pierangelo Garegnani (2018. ‘On the Labour Theory of Value in Marx and in the Marxist Tradition.’) depicts Marx’s project in Capital as that of ‘developing systematically the theory of Ricardo … Read more

Skillman published in Review of Social Economy

Gill Skillman has published “Redistribution and persistent exploitation in an accumulation economy with decreasing marginal impatience,” in the Review of Social Economy (  Abstract: A variant of John Roemer’s accumulation economy is studied in which agents have identical payoff functions characterized by decreasing marginal impatience (DMI), such that time discount rates are decreasing in individual wealth levels. … Read more