Melanie Khamis mentors at CeMENT workshop

Melanie Khamis served as a senior mentor at the CeMENT Mentoring Workshop for Faculty in Non-Doctoral Programs January 5-6, 2020, San Diego, CA

The CeMENT mentoring workshops are funded by the American Economic Association to help female junior economists overcome the tenure hurdle.  At the mentoring workshops, participants are arranged into small groups based on their teaching/research areas and matched with a senior mentor. The format and curriculum are designed to create and cement relationships among the participants, as well as between the participants and the mentors. Small and large group sessions addressed issues such as identifying successful teaching strategies, tips from journal editors, networking strategies, work/life balance, and issues regarding the tenure process.

AEA President Janet Yellen wrote to thank Prof. Khamis for her work on this important program.