John Bonin at the ASSA meetings

John Bonin was a discussant at two sessions at the Allied Social Sciences meetings: One paper is entitled “ Economics of International Investment Agreements” in a session on Arbitration and the Protection of Foreign Investors through Investment Treaties.  The other paper is entitled “Disentangling External Flows (External Shocks) and Policy and Regulation Effects on Credit … Read more

Karl Boulware at the ASSA meetings

Karl Boulware will present his paper, co-authored Ken Kuttner (Williams), on “Wealth Stratification and Portfolio Choice” at the Allied Social Sciences Convention tomorrow (Sunday, January 5) at a session entitled “Relationships among Health, Education and Inequality” in the Marriott Marquis, Grand Ballroom 11 at 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (PST).

Hogendorn presents at Media Workshop in Portugal and in new York City

Chris Hogendorn presented “Unequal Growth in Local Wages: Rail versus Internet Infrastructure” (co-author David Schwartz ’17) in a seminar at the City College of New York on October 3. He also presented his paper “The Long Tail of Online News Visits” (co-authored with Lisa George and Hengyi Zhu ’15) at the Media Economics Workshop, Braga, … Read more

Izumi attends conference in Vienna and wins “Rookie of the Year” award

Ryuichiro Izumi attended the Vienna Macro Café Conference on October 10-12 organized by the Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies, the Vienna Graduate School of Economics, and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  He presented his paper Opacity: Insurance and Fragility, and was chosen for the “Rookie of the year” award!  Here is a photo … Read more

Khamis gives talk in New Haven and Uppsala

Melanie Khamis gave a talk entitled “Migration and the Labor Market: New Evidence from Mexico,” at the Macmillan Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies at Yale University on September 27.  She also gave a talk entitled “Personality, Gender, and the Labor Market” (joint work with  David Condon, Giovanni Hutchinson ‘19, Joyce Jacobsen, Laurence Levin, and … Read more

Wesleyan at the ASSA meetings

In addition to interviewing a number of job candidates for our two job openings, Wesleyan faculty participated in a number of sessions and editorial meetings at this year’s Allied Social Sciences Association meetings in Atlanta. Here is a sampling (with links to the session programs and abstracts): Karl Boulware, along with co-author Ken Kuttner (Williams … Read more

Khamis presents paper

Melanie Khamis presented her paper “Reversed Migration Trends and Local Labor Markets” (joint work with Emily Conover (Hamilton College)  and Sarah Pearlman (Vassar College)) twice this past month: (1) Kiessling Presentation, Economic Studies Division at The Brookings Institution (2) North East Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) at Cornell University