Yohe published op-ed on Green New Deal in Courant

Gary Yohe, Wesleyan’s Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, along with Richard Richels  and Henry D. Jacoby published an op-ed in the Hartford Courant on Sunday, March 3, entitled “Don’t let the ‘Green New Deal’ hijack the climate’s future.”  You can read it here.  He also participated in a panel discussion at the New York City offices of … Read more

Wesleyan at the ASSA meetings

In addition to interviewing a number of job candidates for our two job openings, Wesleyan faculty participated in a number of sessions and editorial meetings at this year’s Allied Social Sciences Association meetings in Atlanta. Here is a sampling (with links to the session programs and abstracts): Karl Boulware, along with co-author Ken Kuttner (Williams … Read more

Remembering Mike Lovell

The Economics Department mourns the passing of our colleague Mike Lovell.  Wesleyan’s Provost, Joyce Jacobsen wrote:   Dear friends, I am sorry to inform you that Michael C. Lovell, Chester D. Hubbard Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, Emeritus, passed away December 20, 2018, at the age of 88. Mike received his B.A. from Reed … Read more

Grossman reappointed CEPR Fellow

Richard Grossman was reappointed to a second four-year term as a Research Fellow in the Economic History program of the London-based Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) was founded in 1983 to enhance the quality of economic policy-making within Europe and beyond, by fostering high quality, policy-relevant economic … Read more

Yohe in Stockholm, Huffington Post

  Gary Yohe, the Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, attended the 2018 Nobel Week in Stockholm, Sweden, Dec. 7–11, as a guest of William Nordhaus, the Yale University professor of economics who received this year’s Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Nordhaus was recognized for his work “integrating climate change into … Read more

Gary Yohe widely cited on climate assessment

Gary Yohe, Huffington Foundation Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, was extensively sited in a November 23 Washington Post article on the Fourth National Climate Assessment.  The Washington Post quotation was just the beginning of a busy holiday weekend for Prof. Yohe.  Starting on Black Friday, he was interviewed live on Al Jazeerah and BBC TV and BBC Radio.  He … Read more

20 students inducted into ODE

Twenty students and Wesleyan’s newest assistant professor, Gillian Brunet, were inducted in to the Wesleyan chapter of the Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) Economics honor society on November 28 in PAC 001.  The student inductees are: Nicole Rachel Brodkowitz, Aaron Cheung, Rusheng Duan, Allegra T. Fils-Aime, Madelyn Rose   Fried, Michael James Gallo, Eric Anthony Gooden, Eunes Miah Harun, Qingyang (Heropeia) Hu, Min Jang, Rachel C Kantor, Avi Lipton, Gillian … Read more

Grossman publishes Brexit op-ed in The Hill

Richard Grossman has published an op-ed in The Hill entitled, “If Brits don’t want a redo on Brexit, they should.”  He argues that there are few legal obstacles to reversing Brexit.  The referendum was non-binding, vaguely worded, subject to a major disinformation campaign, and passed with too small a majority to justify constitutional change.  Rather, he … Read more

New publication by Masami Imai and Tuan Anh Nguyen-Viet ’16

Masami Imai and Tuan Anh Nguyen-Viet ’16 have published “The Effects of Ethnic Chinese Minority on Vietnam’s Regional Economic Development in the Post- Vietnam War Period,” in the Journal of Development Studies.     Abstract: This paper examines the impact of the Hoa, an ethnically Chinese, economically dominant minority, on regional economic development in Vietnam. To address the endogeneity … Read more