Grossman blog post published on CEPR website

Richard Grossman authored a blog post on the Vox CEPR website with Gareth Campbell and John Turner (Queen’s University Belfast) entitled, “New monthly indices of the British stock market, 1829-1929,” based on their CEPR and Wesleyan Working paper “Before the cult of equity: New monthly indices of the British share market, 1829-1929.” (

Kuenzel published in Review of International Economics

David Kuenzel published a paper in the August issue of the Review of International Economics entitled “Do trade flows respond to nudges? Evidence from the WTO’s Trade Policy Review Mechanism.” In the paper, Kuenzel examines whether interactions between WTO members through the Trade Policy Review Mechanism, the WTO’s prime transparency institution, lead to subsequent changes … Read more

Gary Yohe published

Gary Yohe published three opinion papers recently: “Two kinds of climate, one thing in common” (with Michael Mann), Hartford Courant, August 25, 2019, “Why damage estimates for hurricanes like Dorian won’t capture the full cost of climate change-fueled disasters”, The Conversation”, September 3, 2019, “A tragic misperception about climate change” (with  Richard Richels … Read more

Xiaoxue Zhao published in the Journal of Comparative Economics

Xiaoxue Zhao’s paper (with Lakshmi Iyer, Xin Meng, and Nancy Qian), “Economic Transition and Private-Sector Labor Demand: Evidence from Urban China,” was published  in the Journal of Comparative Economics in September, 2019. The paper examines the impact of the first wave of China’s housing reforms, which untied access to housing in urban areas from working for the … Read more